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Hedvig Lagerkvist works as an  actress, script writer and copyright holder.

2021 Hedvig is working on two feature film productions as an actress for Hybris Entertainment.

Further on she works as a voice artists for audio books and comercials for BMW among other exclusive brands.

Also copyright requests regarding the work of her grandfather Nobel Prize winning author Par Lagerkvist are on the agenda.

Hedvigs professional career started with her graduation from The Acting College of Gothenbourg. After graduation she worked in The City Theatre of Gothenbourg and for several years in The City Theatre of Helsingbourg, National TV and National Theatre for Radio.

Since 2002 she runs her own production company Lagerkvist Productions.

Versatility is Hedvigs signum as an actress. She works in stage, film, TV and radio in all genres - from claassical and modern drama to comedy, childrens theatre and musical. Read more in 'Acting' above.

If you haven't seen Hedvig yet, you've probably heard her voice.

She is one of Swedens most well known professional voice artists since 1995. Read more in 'Voice Artist' above. 

Hedvig is furthermore an experianced educational coach. It means that she coaches and CEOs and co-workers in presentation techniques and voicetraining. Read more in 'Presentation techique' above.                                                                                                                                  

Since 2009 Hedvig Lagerkvist is the Legal representative of Pär Lagerkvist Estate.

For all requests regarding the work of Pär Lagerkvist, see futher information at:http://www.parlagerkvist.com

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